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How can I change settings outside the admin panel?

You can change some options in the 'configure' table of the MWES database (mwes.db) and add some settings to the Windows Registry or Linux /etc/conf file

There's an easy way to access the database.

1. Get the free and install it.

2. Navigate to the installed program directory and locate mwes.db, then navigate to the configure table.

Windows If changed, restart the MailWasher Enterprise Server Service (Go to Start>>Run>>Type 'services.msc' and locate MailWasher Enterprise Server, and restart).

Linux users If changed, restart service/daemon.

Database location

Windows: C:\Program Files\MailWasher Enterprise Server\data

Linux: \opt\mwes

Location of installed files

C:\Program Files\MailWasher Enterprise Server

Location of user interface

C:\Program Files\MailWasher Enterprise Server\site

Location of logs

Windows: C:\Program Files\MailWasher Enterprise Server\logs

Linux: \var\log\mwes


(you will need to add these in, but ignore any existing entries related to the settings above as these are now configured from the database)

Windows Registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Firetrust Limited\mwes

Linux: \etc (mwes.conf)

Restart MWES service/daemon after changes.

FirstAlert cache size information.

This is used to cache already checked spam to reduce the number of external checks.


RBL cache size information.

This is used to cache already checked spam to reduce the number of external checks.


Use working domains to stop open relay


# If set = 1 this stops your MTA appearing as an open relay by checking the list of your working domains.

# If set = 0 will let all email through without checking your working domains. (ie. it will filter everything instead of distinguishing between internal and external email).You'll just need to make sure your MTA is configured to not appear as an open relay.

Ignore MTA Authentication


# If set =1 then all emails authenticated by MTA are safe and will not be filtered.

# If set =0 then MTA Authentication is ignored and all emails pass through filters.

Do not check local email


# If set = 1 to not check your local mail.

# If set = 0 to check your local mail.

Discard empty emails.

Emails without a body are discarded.


# If set = 1, emails with empty bodies are discarded

# If set = 0, emails with empty bodies are passed through for filtering


client_read_timeout=5000 (this is the default value)

Turn on verbose SMTP logging

Set logging to 'High' in Settings>>Action, then add to registry/mwes.conf



Change the MWES greeting text


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