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How to I upgrade to MailWasher Pro?

Upgrading from an old version is as simple as going to Help >> Check for Updates, and the new version will be downloaded and installed.

If you're upgrading from the old MailWasher Pro 6.54 version it will mostly be a seamless process as MailWasher Pro will attempt to import your existing settings during the installation process,but you'll want to take a note of the following:

• You can run both the old MailWasher Pro and the new MailWasher Pro along side each other.

• MailWasher Pro will not run on Windows 98, Me or 2000. It will only run on Windows XP, Vista and 7, 8, 8.1, or 10.

• All your contacts, most settings and email account information will be imported.

• Your MailWasher Pro registration key will not work in MailWasher Pro.

• Your filters will not be imported in to MailWasher Pro. Unfortunately they will be required to be re-written.

• 'Process Mail' is now 'Wash Mail'.

• Spam tools now use a weighted approach to recognizing spam, so instead of just one spam tool making the decision about whether an email is spam or not, all spam tools are evaluated to ensure a more accurate evaluation.

• User files are now held in a database (as opposed to text files and the Registry) with other settings such as language files for translations held as XML files, all accessible via Help>>User Files or Help>>Common Files.

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