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How do I use MailWasher Pro?

To successfully setup MailWasher you'll need your email settings. MailWasher will also attempt to import these from your existing email program, but you can also get these from your email program or your internet provider.

You will need:

Email server settings (POP3/IMAP, SMTP)



After importing your settings or manually adding them, to use MailWasher, here's all you need to do.

To check email, don't open your email client first. Instead, just start MailWasher by double clicking on the desktop icon, or going to Start menu, Programs, then MailWasher.

The MailWasher program will then start and will tell you what messages you have waiting for you on the email server.In the check boxes, select whether to Delete the messages (if nothing is checked, the emails will simply be downloaded to your email client as normal), and then select Wash Mail.Washing mail will remove the emails you have selected. Your email client will open and you can download the remaining emails as you normally do.

Additionally, you should make use of the 'Classification' column which lets you give a thumbs up (good email) or thumbs down (spam) to email.This trains the filters in Mailwasher and after a few times it becomes very good at recognizing spam.

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