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How do I transfer my MailWasher Pro files from one PC to another?

You'll need to copy the folders and files at Help>>User Files, over to your new computer in the same location.

The easiest way to do this is to first copy the MailWasher folders and files at Help>>User Files to a thumb drive or CD on your old computer.Then make sure you have installed MailWasher Pro on your new computer and go to Help>>User Files. This will open the new folder.Now close MailWasher (if it's still sitting in the system tray, right mouse click on the Mailwasher icon and click Exit) , then copy the existing files to the new location.Re-open MailWasher and all your settings will have been transferred.

This copying of files may take some time depending on how large the files are, so you may just want to copy all the files in this folder and ignore the sub-folders 'cache', 'logs' etc.

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  1. Edward Joint

    I've completely screwed up! I have forgotten my password, I've forgotten what my 'username' is, in fact all I can remember is my email address! I still have Mailwasher here on my laptop, but my PC has just been reinstalled using Thunderbird and I can't hack it. 

    It didn't help that I couldn't find  'Help>>User Files' anywhere. :-(