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I have reformatted my PC or bought a new PC. How do I get my registered MailWasher Pro back?

You will need to download the latest version of MailWasher Pro from the download page.

Although this is a Trial version of the software, it will convert to being fully registered when you enter your Registration key by clicking the Register button in the toolbar of the Trial version.

If you no longer have your registration key, you can request that it be sent out to you by logging on at

Ensure you use the same email address that you initially registered MailWasher Pro with. If you have a new email address, please contact our support staff first, so this can be updated.

If you wish to transfer files (from another PC), please read the FAQ about transfering files. Program Help >> Miscellaneous >> How do I transfer my Mailwasher Pro files from one PC to another?

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