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How do I use MailWasher Mobile?

Using MailWasher is simple. When you first view your email, MailWasher shows you a summary listing of your emails with aTRASH CAN icon which is used to mark the message for deletion when tapped. If you tap a message elsewhere,the entire message is displayed. Press the WASH button to remove the unwanted emails checked with the Trash Icon.Those unwanted emails are instantly removed from the server, so you are only left with the emails you want when you go to your email program.

You can add email senders to the Friends list or Blacklist by swiping across an email,and then clicking the person icon for the Friends list, and the blocked icon for the Blacklist.The next time an email arrives from this sender, the email will be marked Green if on the Friends list,or Red with it checked with the TRASH icon if it's in the Blacklist.

To switch between your email accounts, just tap on the Account Name,and you will be presented with a list of your email accounts if you have more than one.The corresponding new message count also appears next to each email account.To view all your email accounts on the same screen, press the ALL Accounts button.

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