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How do I sync from MailWasher Pro to MailWasher Mobile?

First, go to MailWasher Pro >> Settings >> Sync, then click the 'Create ID' button to create a Firetrust Login.

A Firetrust Login is your unique login (consisting of an email address and password you create) which lets you login with any of your mobile devices.You can then instantly access your email accounts, and settings and they'll all be in sync.Once you setup your Firetrust Login, then you can start adding your email accounts, or to make it easier, just setup your Firetrust Login in MailWasher Pro(Settings>>Sync) and sync all your email accounts and settings from there.

Then Click on the 'Mobile' Sync Option and select which email accounts and friends and blacklist to sync. Then hit the 'Sync' button.

Then go to the MailWasher app on your phone and login with your Firetrust Login, and you'll find all your info setup already on the phone.

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