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Bad username or password

You are getting this error when MWPro check mail:

Info    S: -ERR [AUTH] Authentication failed

So it seems that your username or password is incorrect there, as please note that this error is coming from your ISP's mail server itself and not MW.....

Check your settings for this account under, Settings>>Accounts, click your email account then click the "Incoming" tab.

Ensure you have the correct pop3 server and username entered there, and re-type your password, if no better, check with your ISP you are in fact using the correct logon details for your email account you have setup within MWpro there.

If no better, try deleting the problem email account and re-importing it.

Please open Mailwasher Pro and click, Settings>>Accounts, click your account and click, "Remove Account", click, "Yes, remove it", close and restart Mailwasher Pro.

In Mailwasher Pro click, Settings>>Accounts "Import Account" and follow the directions.

If there are no amounts listed, cancel to exit this screen and click, Add Account, choose your account type and add account manually.

Full directions are available for this from here:

Mailwasher Pro >> Help >> Help Topics >> Settings Screen >> Accounts

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