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Emails are staying in MailWasher

If you mean every time you check mail, MWPro shows mail you have already downloaded using your email client?

If so, this sounds like one of 2 issues...

1.) It sounds like you have got your email program setup to leave a copy of the message on the server.

Mailwasher does not actually keep a copy of the mail, it just checks it on the server and downloads a portion of the message so you can then see if it is spam and decide to delete, or keep it.

Most email programs are listed on our FAQ's here:

2.) You have the email account setup as IMAP in your email program there.

Note that if IMAP in your email program, your email program will do the following:

- always download the emails automatically,

- never remove any mail from the mail server

- If you delete an email from webmail, your email program OR MWPro, it'll be deleted from all 3.

If you do have more than one device you need to check mail on, (and therefore need to leave the mail on the server), in MWPro (7.8 version onwards) click, Settings>>Accounts, click your email account, (IMAP accounts only) and click the Incoming tab>>Advanced, and ensure that, "Download read emails" is not ticked there.

This way, it wont show all your old emails that are on the mail server.

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  1. Bob Hurst

    I have tried both remedies for this problem to no effect.  I use  IE6 and these so called remedies are BS. Either give me a fix for this continuing problem or I will get rid of this problem by using a different program. I am tired of messing with this problem!