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My database is corrupt

MailWasher's database can become corrupt if the computer shuts suddenly down while writing to the database. 

If your MWP.db3 database is corrupt, (this holds your learning settings, and blacklist/friendslist), if you can start MWPro and it will run OK, click Help>>User files in MWPro.

Minimise the folder that opens.

Click File>>Exit to close MWPro.

Maximise the folder, then open the Cache folder.


   If not, please browse to:

   C:\Users\[your logon name]\AppData\Roaming\Firetrust\MailWasher\cache

   (This folder is actually hidden, so you may need to enable Windows to show hidden files and folders under,

   the Windows Control Panel, Folder Options>>View Tab>>Select, Show hidden files and folders.)


Then, (With MWPro closed) rename the MWP.db3 file to MWP1.db3 and restart MWPro, see if it starts OK then.

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