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How can I backup/transfer/reinstall MailWasher Pro?

There's a few methods to achieve this. 

1. First method

First, install MailWasher to your new PC from here:

Then, to transfer your old data, click File>>Export, and save the
exported file somewhere you can locate it to move it to your new PC.

Then, within MailWasher on the new PC click File>>Import and import this

2. Alternative method

On the old Hard drive, browse to:

C Drive: 

(Or whatever drive letter this is now):\Users\[your logon name]\AppData\Roaming\Firetrust\MailWasher

(This folder may be hidden, so it's easier to go to Start>>Run, and type %appdata% and click Enter.)

Move these files to your new PC by copying them to a USB thumbdrive.

Then, to restore the files to the new installation...

- In MailWasher Pro click, Help>>User Files,

- Minimise the User Files folder that opens,

- Click File>>Exit to close MailWasher Pro,

- Maximise that folder,

- Copy in your backup files to overwrite the current ones.

Restart MailWasher Pro.

3. Reinstall MailWasher Pro

If you just want to reinstall MailWasher Pro, download the latest version from

Then run the installer. This will be a 30 day trial version. 

Enter your license key in Help>>Registration to convert it from the trial version to the full version. 

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