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How can I reset MailWasher?

The instructions below will reset MW, however you'll loose your recycle bin contents and training and blacklist and friendslist.

(NOTE: you can backup via File>>Export first if you wish, then revert to this backup via File>>Import later if need be)

Can you please try this:

 - Click, Help>>User Files,

 - Minimise the folder that opens,

 - Click File>>Exit to close MWPro,

 - Maxamise that folder,

Delete all files and folders in there EXCEPT for:



 - Restart your PC

 - Then restart MWPro and give it time to reload and re-create the files and folder.

Note that the learning (green/pink emails) will take some time to work, so ensure you mark all emails as good or spam under the Classify column to speed this up.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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