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I can't restore deleted emails


Note that you can click an email in the recycle bin, then click "Forward" (just above the preview pane) and forward it to yourself, this does not use the settings in MW, but your actual email program installed on your PC, if you cannot see the preview pane, click View>>Preview pane.


Check these settings are correct under, Settings>>Accounts, click your account, click the "Outgoing" tab, and check the settings.

Also, ensure that your antivirus programs email scanner is not preventing MW's outgoing mail there, (you can disable the outgoing mail scanner if you wish, as the antivirus programs real time scanner will scan all mail anyway).

Check that the firewall is not stopping outgoing mail from MWPro also.

If all appears fine for all your accounts and security software, please try restoring again, when you get the error, (or no mail appears) could you please send us your logs.

Click, Help>>Send Support Logs, and send.

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