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How does MailWasher Server work?

MailWasher Server sits in front of an existing mail server to process all incoming messages before entering the user’s mailbox.

Using a multi-layered approach to identify spam. MailWasher Server provides a combination of algorithm, connection filtering and content filtering to provide a robust approach to solving an organization’s spam problem.This approach substantially reduces the number of unwanted emails which are passed on to the email accounts serviced.MailWasher Server filters email before the mail server, thereby reducing the load on the mail server, then scans all incoming email to see whether each email matches a known unwanted email,or if they have the characteristics of an unwanted email.

Combining content identification and sender identification, MailWasher Server blocks a very high proportion of unwanted email while maintaining an extremely low false positive rate.

In addition, MailWasher Server uses a centrally controlled database of known unwanted e-mail messages. If the incoming message matches a known unwanted e-mail message, it is deleted and quarantined.For messages not found in the database, origin checking is performed to see whether the message has come from known spam senders and finally,unknown incoming email is temporarily failed (greylisted) to remove spoofed email.

The MailWasher Server system is a combination of software products and managed services for reducing spam.

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