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What filtering mechanisms does MailWasher Server use?

Message Signatures:

FirstAlert! Global Spam Database. Adding to MWES’s comprehensive, multi-layered approach, MWES uses the FirstAlert! global spam database –a 24/7 operation which makes use of a global network of users reporting unsolicited email.

Real-time blackhole list servers:

RBL's can be used to block the origin of known spam by IP address or the URL in the message body.


Greylisting is an effective tool to stop spam by sending a temporary fail back to the sender of the message. If the sender is sent via a valid MTA, the message is re-sent and MWES will let it through.If the message is not sent from a valid MTA it is not delivered and left in the MWES greylisting quarantine area.

Blacklists and Whitelists:

IT administrators have the ability to set and control blacklists and whitelists, through the MWES online web control panel.Email addresses of legitimate senders added to the white list will automatically bypass the antispam filters.

Custom filters:

Custom filters can be added using text or regular expressions to block unwanted email based on words and other characteristics of an email.

Bayesian Filtering:

Bayesian filters are learning filters, so they learn based on an initial learning phase where the administrator lets emails in to the training screen and marks emails as good and spam.Any other incoming emails after that can be reported as spam, or when rescued will be makred as good.

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